“Rob, no one is responding to you because of who you’ve become.”

Dr. Rob Maguire is a dentist recovering from “taking-himself-too-seriously-itis” and couldn’t be happier about it.  For years, he struggled under the assumption that the harder he worked, the better things would get.  “When I took over my practice in 1990, it was a chaotic mess. Patients weren’t accepting my treatment recommendations and my schedule was stress-filled with mostly singe-tooth dentistry, lots of emergencies and many broken appointments. Often, I was running behind schedule. I had no systems; I was busy but not productive. I often felt frustrated and unhappy and as a result, so did my team and many of my patients.”

He thought he was doing the right things… he had a very successful fee-for-service solo private practice and did comprehensive dentistry. In fact, his practice was the only one in town that did not participate with any fee-assigned or PPO insurance companies.

One day a trusted friend gave him a bitter truth… “Rob, no one is responding to you because of who you’ve become.”  That day was the turning point which ultimately led to the practice of his dreams.

Today he credits his personal success and practice transformation to three factors:

1. He sought out experts for help: consultants, coaches, teachers, mentors, and friends.

2. He learned how to lead and manage his practice.

3. Lastly and most importantly, he became a better communicator and learned how to “connect” with himself, his patients, and his team members.

According to Dr. Maguire, “My coach helped me discover my purpose, my values, and my desires.” My coach was absolutely right! My life went from dread, drama, and despair to peace, pleasure, and profit.” Now in retirement, his mission is to pay forward the gifts he was given along the way.

Why should I choose Dr. Maguire to help me?

He’s been where you’ve been.

He understands the external threats to delivering quality dentistry: insurance, corporations, discounted fees. He knows how to have an insurance-free practice.

He understands the internal struggles and frustrations of trying to practice high quality dentistry. He has both empathy and knowledge.

He has first-hand experience with the value of coaches, of having a trusted advisor in an often lonely job.

He’s done the footwork.

Dr. Rob Maguire has a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. He also is a certified trainer in the DISC personality profile.

It’s more than theory, he has a proven track record

Dr. Maguire knows what it takes to change a disorganized, unprofitable practice and change it into one that productive and fun. He understands that it takes more than just “a skilled set of hands.”

He’ll personally work with you to move you closer to your desires and dreams. Like a dental treatment plan, he’ll seek information from you, listen to your story, and then thoroughly diagnose your situation, and come up with a plan tailored to meet your desires and your needs.

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