The premise of this course is that great communication leads to great success within a dental practice. Everybody wins when written and oral communication systems are clearly expressed and understood. The key is to be able to communicate clearly in a way that speaks to each person’s unique personality, both to patients and staff. You might understand what you’re trying to say, but are you saying it in a way that will really reach the people who matter? This course will ensure you’re heard loud and clear and that you’re better able to listen to the people around you so you’re better able to meet their needs.

Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day Interactive Workshop

Course Objectives:

Great Communication

Recognize and understand the meaning of great communication. Great communication is all about personalizing and clarifying the message in a way that enables it to reach who it needs in the most effective way possible. Whether through speech or email, this can easily cut out inefficiencies in your practice and make sure your patients and staff feel heard, respected, and well taken care of.

Self-Awareness, Perception,
and Assumptions

Learn about self-awareness, perception, and assumptions. We all make split-second judgments about people that affect the way we communicate with them, and simply by being aware of this, a dentist can dramatically improve their ability to communicate. Also, by increasing your self-awareness, you can ensure you’re asking exactly for what you need rather than what you think you need.

Learn About Success
Through Communication

Learn the communication tools for success: listening, effective use of questions, and co-discovery. This is designed to help you communicate with your patients and staff in a way so that you both are able to figure out solutions rather than you having to come up with them yourself and try to convince someone you’re correct. This makes everyone feel more valued, plus you won’t have to work so hard determining what the people around you need!

Roadmaps and
Checklists for Success

Provide a roadmap and checklist to help practices achieve more joy, more fulfillment, and financial success. Every plan needs to be actionable—ideas are great, but without knowing what exactly needs to be done, they can never be turned into a reality. This part of the workshop ensures you’ll leave with a list of specific things you can do the very next day that will help bring you closer to your goals.

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