If you plug “How to grow my practice” into a search engine right now, you’ll find plenty of “gurus” who basically all offer the same advice. Take more continuing education. Get to the office earlier. Offer more services. Market to get more fee-for-service patients. Every year, countless dentists take this approach, and yes, they might see their profits go up…but they are still miserable.

I found myself in the same position for years as a successful but unhappy dentist in New Hampshire, and after doing a lot of research and soul searching, I figured out that going for better numbers isn’t the only way to improve a dental practice. Eventually, I came up with my Hands, Head, and Heart philosophy, and it was a real game-changer, both for my day-to-day experience in the office as well as my balance sheet. Today, it’s at the core of what I teach my clients, and you can learn a little bit about how it works by reading on below.


“The Hands” covers the most basic part of being a dentist, as in the physical ability to provide care at a high level that is both effective and comfortable. Having and gaining clinical expertise is absolutely essential for being able to grow a practice, but the problem for most dentists is that they see this as the only way forward. At Dynamic Dental Communications, The Hands are just the beginning. Yes, it’s great to get more certifications and take more courses, but know that you don’t have to spend every moment of your free time studying and training to be a successful dentist.


In addition to treating patients, most dentists are also the leader/owner (“The Head”) of their practice, meaning they have to deal with everything involved with running a business, from staffing to billing to marketing and so on. I used to go way overboard managing this kind of stuff and became a terror to my team. My entire staff hated me, but we were well-organized! Thankfully, I eventually changed this so everyone was well-organized and happy. My team and I can certainly help you improve your day-to-day operations, but this is with the goal of not turning you into a micromanager or having you work 80-hour weeks. We’ll instead lay the foundation for clear communication between you and your team members, which will make it easy to assign tasks and get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


As I often say, “The Heart” should really come before “The Hands” and “The Head.” This part of our approach gets to the core of why someone would want to become a dentist in the first place: to help people. We show our partnered dentists how putting the needs of their patients and team ahead of their own can dramatically improve their quality of life and bottom line at the same time. We put this into action by giving our clients the tools to really listen to the people around them. This allows them to better serve their patients and their staff, which leads to more patients, a better team, and a better balance sheet as a bonus.


I’ve applied this approach countless times with many types of dentists; people just out of school, folks thinking about retirement, and a wide variety of specialists as well. The only thing our clients have in common is that this philosophy works, and it can help turn whatever goals you have for your practice and career into a reality without demanding every moment of your free time.

To learn how The Hands, The Head, and The Heart could help your practice, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. We’ll talk about your situation, your goals, and what Dynamic Dental Communications could do for you. If you ultimately decide not to partner with us, I promise you’ll at least learn something, and you’ll see the benefits right away.

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