Every dentist has had the experience of going to a continuing education seminar, sitting and listening to the speaker for an hour, and leaving knowing that they haven’t actually learned a thing. Fortunately for partners with Dr. Robert Maguire, that’s the opposite reaction listeners have to Dr. Maguire. His motivational speeches and workshops are designed to give you the practical knowledge you can use every day that you won’t just be able to look up online, so from the moment you stand up out of your chair, you’ll already be different in a better way. Dr. Maguire mixes his dental knowledge, communication expertise, and personal flair to create an experience that is as engaging as it is transformative. To learn more about how you can attend his next speaking engagement or workshop, contact us today.


Why Choose Dr. Robert Maguire for Motivational Speaking & Workshops?

  • Dr. Rob Maguire: Dentist & Speaker with 30+ Years of Experience
  • Designed to Improve Numbers and Personal Fulfillment
  • Proven Track Record of Helping Clients Get What They Want
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The Economics of Great Communication

Dentists are encouraged to refine their technical skills all the time, but what about their communication skills? Seeing as how dentistry is a people business, not a tooth business, it’s a pillar of the profession that is often overlooked. This workshop is designed to help you become a better communicator so that the people around you can understand you better, and it will help you understand your people better as well! The end result is that everyone is on the same page, feels listened to, and you’re able to serve your patients and manage your staff in a way that ensures you always provide exactly what everyone needs (which creates a more efficient and profitable practice).

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DISC: It’s More Than Just a Frisbee

You don’t need multiple advanced degrees in psychology to know that everyone has a different personality. The key is knowing how to interact with those personalities on a daily basis in a way that is productive and makes everyone feels safe and valued, particularly your patients and staff. DISC is a type of personality test that won’t just tell you something irrelevant like what is your spirit animal, but rather it will outline how you tick and what makes others tick. By getting this information, you’ll be able to predict (with great accuracy) what someone wants and needs, and you’ll be able to give it to them in the way that is most meaningful to them.

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Mission Possible: Having the Practice of Your Dreams

What is the perfect dental practice? One that is profitable and has 100 new patients a month? Working 12 hour days for seven days a week certainly doesn’t sound like a dream to most, but that’s exactly what other consultants will push you toward: increasing production and extending your hours. For Dr. Maguire, it’s all about putting your patients and staff first as a means to achieve your goals no matter what they might be. Whether you simply want to serve more patients or become less beholden to insurance, this workshop is designed to help you flesh out your goals and create a clear path towards them that won’t wreck your work-life balance in the process.

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Get to the Heart of It: The Best Way to Grow Your Practice

After taking endless continuing education courses and becoming an epic micromanager, Dr. Maguire found himself at the head of an extremely successful practice…and he was miserable. He was working longer hours, had less time for his family, and frankly, his patients and staff didn’t really enjoy being around him. But, he was profitable, so he was successful, right? This imbalance is at the core of most dentists’ woes and this workshop is designed to correct that by helping you focus on what really matters: helping people. By putting yourself last and everyone else first, you’ll find that your proverbial bucket will overflow with new patients, revenue, and most of all, personal fulfillment.

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