Every effective dental practice needs to be able to answer three basic questions: Who are we? What exactly do we do? Why do we do what we do? Those first two tend to be relatively easy, but many stumble on the last. What drew you to dentistry in the first place? For most, it was the prospect of a stable, respectable career that allows them to help people on a daily basis. But, this often gets lost in the daily grind. This workshop will help put you back on the path that drew you to the dental field in the first place so you can enjoy more personal and financial success.

Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Suggested Format: Half Day Interactive Workshop

Course Objectives:

Develop a

Help teams develop their “GPS,” or their “Growth Practice Strategy.” Most practices want to grow, but how exactly will they do it? No two practices are alike, so the perfect strategy for one won’t be effective for another. Dr. Maguire helps by adding clarity so you’ll know exactly what to do to meet your short and long-term goals.

What’s Next
for Your Practice?

Teach teams how to discover “What’s next for our practice?” If your practice stayed exactly like it is right now for the rest of your career, would you be happy? If not, it’s time to think about what’s next. Whether that means expanding, hiring an associate, or simply altering the way you communicate with your patients, this will be your first step to creating your ideal practice.

Discover Your
“Three V’s”

Help teams discover their 3 “V’s” – Vision, Values, & Voice. What is your vision for your practice, as in what do you hope to accomplish with it? What is truly important to you and your team? And, how are you going to express this vision and your values to your patients so they truly understand them? Dr. Maguire will show you how.

Develop Strategies
to Reach Your Goals

Provide strategies to help dental teams achieve their practice goals. Once you have a better idea of where your practice currently is and where you want it to go, then it’s time to build the road to get there. Dr. Maguire turns ideas into actionable items you can start implementing right away.

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