As dentists, we’re in the “people business,” and caring for our patients needs to be our primary focus. In order to do that, we need to have both an informed mind and an engaged heart. If we truly have both, everything else will fall into place. By putting people and service ahead of profit, Dr. Maguire found that the numbers will basically take care of themselves, leading to a happier dentist, more fulfilled team, and plenty of satisfied patients.

Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Suggested Format: Half Day Interactive Workshop

Course Objectives:

The 3 Hats
of a Dentist

Learn about a dentist’s 3 Hats: Leader, Manager, and Producer. Every dentist tends to wear one of these hats better than the others, but Dr. Maguire can show you how to improve your skill with each and strike the right balance that works best for your unique personality and practice goals.

Getting Your
Heart Right

Understand how to “Get Your Heart Right.” What does it mean to truly put your patients’ and team’s needs first? What does this look like? How will this affect your day to day experience? Dr. Maguire will show you how and why it’s so effective.


Understand Co-Discovery to help patients get what they want and need. Co-discovery involves communicating with patients in such a way that they feel like you’ve both come up with the solution to their problem. That way, they feel more involved in the process, are more likely to complete treatment, and will feel better about it in the end.

Communication Systems

Learn communication systems to increase patient acceptance and practice productivity. A practice can’t grow without the dentist and team being able to communicate between themselves and with patients on a high-level both in person and digitally. Dr. Maguire will show you the key ways to ensure you’re not only heard, but understood.

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