DISC is a personality assessment tool to help you and your team improve your communication by first creating an awareness of who you are and what makes you “tick.” As teams better relate to one another, harmony goes up and productivity increases. Simply by heightening your awareness of the people around you, you’ll instantly be able to adapt your communication style naturally in a way that makes everyone feel more valued and listened to.


SUGGESTED FORMAT: Half Day Interactive Workshop

Course Objectives:

Personality Assessment

Learn about the DISC personality assessment tool.
“DISC” actually stands for the four main personality types: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant. Which one are you? Which ones pertain to your staff? How can you tell which ones apply to your patients? What are the best ways to communicate with each? Dr. Maguire will answer all these questions and more.

Different Personalities

Increase self-awareness through better understanding of personalities.
Once you begin to understand your own personality, you’ll better comprehend others as well. This will allow you to tailor your communication style so that you’re meeting people in the middle rather than always forcing them to come to you.

Benefits and Applications
of Understanding Personalities

Learn multiple applications: team building, patient communication, increased treatment acceptance, hiring, and confrontation skills.
At this point in the workshop, Dr. Maguire will put the new information you’ve gained about personalities into action. How do you convince an Influencer patient to get a treatment their skeptical about but desperately need? What is the best way to motivate your Compliant hygienist so they want to do better rather than just not get in trouble? Dr. Maguire will show you how.

Tools for Practice
Harmony and Success

Provide tools to build team harmony and increase patient satisfaction that leads to increased practice growth.
This will show you specifically how to help your team work together as a unit and ensure you’re able to communicate with your patients in a way that leaves them feeling satisfied and well taken care of, which will lead to increased financial success.

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