Are you a dentist who wants to generate more income and … have more fun and fulfillment?

You can have both!

I am a dentist, who after practicing dentistry for 34 years, and studying communication and leadership, knows firsthand that satisfaction and financial success in dentistry is about connecting with your patients first, building a great team, and being competent with your dentistry.

For 28 years, I had a solo private practice that was both highly profitable and fulfilling. As a past president of the NH Dental Society, with training at the Pankey Institute, a master’s degree in strategic communication and leadership, and DiSC training, I know what it takes to be successful, to have a practice without PPO plans, and to have a practice that thrives.

I learned early on that attracting great patients starts with a proactive communication plan, and a mission and vision for your practice that includes knowing yourself, building a great team, knowing your patients, and being the very best clinically.

Over the years, I’ve written many articles in Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, Dr. Bicuspid, Dental Entrepreneur, and the Pankeygram. I’ve lectured to groups across the country on “The Economics of Great Communication” and “Mission Possible.” I use “The Hands, The Head, and The Heart” approach, one that helps transform your practice into one that is more profitable, more fun, and more fulfilling.

I offer a customized, comprehensive, and interactive coaching and training program that works with you and your team, to help you become an expert not only with your dentistry, but with your leadership, management, and communication skills.

Ideal participants for this program are practice owners who want to take their practices to the next level, are committed to excellence, and have been in private practice for at least five years. They all want to build the practices of their dreams.

To learn more about my approach to your practice success, email me to set up a complimentary exploratory session:

Dentists looking at patient chart

The Hands

Needless to say, in order to be a good dentist, you have to have good hands. Many strive to enhance their dental career by taking endless technical continuing education courses, enabling them to place crowns with thinner margins and utilize the latest materials. While clinical expertise is extremely important in dentistry, it isn’t the only thing that matters. Dr. Robert Maguire strives to make our partner dentists much more than technical masters.

The Head

Running a dental practice makes you the leader of your own small business, meaning you have to think about management, supplies, marketing, staffing, and all the other little details that are absolutely essential to creating something sustainable. We can help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your practice without forcing you to become a micromanager or work extended hours. In fact, everything will seem to take care of itself simply using the power of clear communication.

Dentist holding up a red heart

The Heart

In truth, The Heart should come before The Head and The Hands. This part of our philosophy is our cornerstone. We believe that dentistry should be transformational, not transactional and that it should primarily focus on helping patients get what they need to meet their goals and improve their lives. The same applies to how a dentist manages their team well. By showing our clients how to put their patients and their team before themselves, we help them not only increase their practice numbers but make practice more fun and enjoyable place to be.

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